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6 Interior Trends We’ll see in 2020

Next up we’ll talk you through 6 trends you may come across in 2020.

1. Neutrals and Earthy Tones

We’ve seen grey take a backstep as we all move towards warmed tones. Different shades of white and beige are popular but we also see shades of terracotta, pink hues and greens. They all create a warm down to Earth feel to our homes. While beige is the real hero colour, why not also try greige (beige and grey mix) which is warmer than the usual grey and actually works really well for the Irish climate.

2. Wicker and Rattan

Continuing on that earthy subject. We will see even more increased use of wicker and rattan furniture. It may sound like your grandmothers house but wicker and rattan furniture are back and now quite wildely available from most retailers. You can choose from chairs to coffee tables to lighting and we also love the idea of a rattan headboard. Other materials to help you to achieve that earthy look inside include, grass cloth, wood and plenty of houseplants.

3. WC with a difference

While some of us may not feel “brave enough” to wallpaper our livingroom wall in bold wallpaper just yet, we surely don’t mind doing so in our bathroom. Think of tropical prints, botanical looks, terrazzo or city landscapes. Same goes for those stronger paint colours that we might feel hesitant to try in other rooms.
The bathroom is where we can really experiment and go a bit crazy! It also gives us something to look at while we’re brushing our teeth.

4. Upholstered walls

You will see this trend a lot throughout 2020. It gives the bedroom the illusion of a wider room and it also gives the room a softer feel. While velvet still continues to be the popular choice of fabric you could also try this with printed fabrics while while keeping everything else in the room nice and neutral.

5. Curved everything

When we visited La Maison interior show in Paris in January 2020, it was hard not to spot this trend over and over. Curved sofas, chairs, corner in sight! This 60s and 70s throwback is coming back with a modern twist. Many shops now sell curved furniture or another option is to keep an eye out for second hand pieces. With reupholstering you can give these pre-loved items a new lease of life and make sure they will go with your excisting decor.

6. Statement Ceiling

One of the most overlooked parts when decorating the house is often the ceiling. Many designer’s are thinking of innovative ways in which to incorporate the ceilings back into their designs.
Bravest of them all will try wallpapering their ceilings but if you’re not there yet dont worry. Why not try and paint the ceiling the same colour as your walls. The continuity from walls to ceiling will give the room more spacious and consistent look. If you have really heigh ceiling- you can make the space feel cosier by painting the ceiling in darker colour.

We hope you enjoyed this read and as always if you wish to get I touch with our design team, just email us on

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