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Custom built furniture and optimising storage with joinery

The ultimate design solution is one that not only looks great and serves a function but is designed
specifically for a space.

Whether you live in a three storey over basement period home or in a contemporary studio
apartment, one thing everyone can always do with more of is suitable storage. I use the term
suitable as although you may have the space for storage the space may not always be fit for

Hallway storage, Beechpark Cabinteely


A prime example of this is under the stairs – This is one area that everyone has known to be a dumping ground at one point in their lives. The shape of under the stairs doesn’t traditionally lend itself to standardised storage you can buy off the shelf and as such is often neglected. However, more and more homes-new builds especially, are really utilising this area well with bespoke joinery, and there are even some Irish companies specialising in it.

Silverbanks Showhouse


The formal dining room is becoming a thing of the past, and the kitchen dining area is slowly combining with the living. As such families want spaces that are flexible and relaxed for everyday use. Depending on the layout of your kitchen area, a great dining alternative is to create a
built in bench to the wall on one side of your table. This is not only space saving, but can also be used for storage.

Ulverton, Residential Interior Design


Kids rooms can be a great place to really have fun with custom built in joinery. Bespoke beds with integrated storage can really make a room unique and also organised – We especially love this bunk bed design which allows double and single bed space in a relatively standard sized room!

Cluain Adain Showhouse

Having a specific desk area without distraction for teenagers is essential and not all homes are lucky enough to have a separate study. Custom desks when designed well can be a brilliant addition to
standard bedrooms and really help zone the different functions of the bedroom.

Taylor Hill Showhouse

Bespoke joinery can also be brought into master and guest bedrooms as a headboard feature. An example of this can be seen in the above headboard with integrated side tables – Which is again a super practical space saver.

Taylor Hill Showhouse

Joinery with storage can very much be a feature as shown in this living room with its modern long low unit.
Every home is different and while some families priorities may be the storage of golf clubs, another familys focus could be books. Just remember when looking at the design for your storage that it is suitable to your needs!

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