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Just for Kids

Kids rooms are the perfect place to really let your imagination run loose. There are endless options for you to choose from to make the room fun for your kids. Next up we will be covering 6 trends you can take some inspiration from to update your kids room.


1. Wallpaper Murals

There’s no more effective way to add the feel of adventure and fun to a child’s bedroom than by adding a wall mural. We’ve seen this trend in other rooms but now there’s also an extensive range of wallpaper prints to choose from for kids rooms. This is where you can have a chat and see what your kids like, whether it’s outer space, a jungle, under the sea or rainbows, we’re pretty sure it already exists! Wall murals are amazing but often need a skilled decorator to apply them. If you’re interested in wall mural idea please get in touch and speak to us.

Inspiration via Pinterest

2. Painted Murals

When you’re not quite ready for a wallpaper mural why not try a painted mural? Whether you opt for mountains, geometric shapes or a city landscape, painted wall murals will definitely add the fun to the room. There are plenty of designs to choose from and you can find many websites who sell stencils online. The good thing with this option is, once you’re done with the design and want a change, you can just paint over it. 

Photo by House and Garden Furnishings

3. Colourful wallpaper

Polka dots, paint brush strokes, rainbows, stars you name it! A lot of colourful wallpapers have a neutral background which means you can style the room otherwise with neutral coloured furniture like white or pine.

Inspiration via Pinterest

4. Panelled accent wall

If you’re looking for a little more that just a painted accent wall, how about adding some panelling? We did a blog post on panelling last week (please find more information on our blog post – here).
By adding panelling to the room you can add a focal point to the room but different ways of panelling can also add purpose such as shelving or storage. 

Inspiration via Pinterest

5. Boho Neutrals 

Think of a dessert sunset and you have the colour scheme. We’re all moving a way from greys and want something warmer. Terracotta, mustard and pinky hues will create that warm feeling we certainly need some days here in Ireland too!  Pampas grass and macrame are no longer only seen in the living room and master bedroom but you can create decor for the kids room also. Finishing details include jute rugs and a rattan baskets and you’re arrived to Joshua tree.

Inspiration via Pinterest

6. Attention to detail

Like any other room in the house you can use textiles in a kids room in order to achieve a cohesive look. Curtains, roman blinds, bedding and cushions all can pull the colour scheme together, so never under estimate the power of a accent cushion!

Image by House and Garden Furnishings


If you are interested in getting your kids room updated with the help of our design team, decorators and joiners, please get in touch with our Design Team by emailing your requirements to

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