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Project: Soho

Client: Q Apartments

Designed by Peter Hanley / Emma Matthews

Furniture packs for 4 1-bed apartments.


Our client had taken over these units in March 2021 in the height of lockdown. The units themselves had recently been converted from 2-bed to 1 bed. This made them spacious, and each unit flowed beautifully. This allowed us to use a full furniture pack which gave a feel of luxury and superiority over other product in the serviced apartment market in the local area.

Product was sourced in the main from UK suppliers and for the first time we also provided the client a staging pack for their photography.

Problems to overcome.

Access to the units on this occasion was great, however on the day of install a major utility company arrived at the same time and wanted to dig up the road and pavement in front of the entrance. We negotiated a work around with them and we shared access.