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Temporary and Long-term Home Office Design

Working From home

Currently as we are all affected by Covid-19 most of us that are able to work remotely are finding ourselves setting up our own makeshift / DIY offices somewhere at home.

Temporary office

Our goal is to make your transition as easy as possible, help you stay productive and maybe have a little fun being creative within your home. We at House and Garden have set out some key points to successfully create your own temporary home office, we hope it helps. See below our pick for a very affordable home office desk below. alternatively read onto the second part of this blog if you are interested in creating your own long term office space where you will find some suggested links on where you can purchase some great home office equipment online!

Pinterest image

vidaXL Desk with 2 Compartments Grey

Our pick for a very reasonably priced home office desk- Vida XL desk with 2 compartments €110.00

  • Major do’s and don’ts!!…. Avoid the biggest mistakes, stay away from your favourite comfort spots, the sofa and bed are not good ideas. This will not create the right environment, instead assign yourself a designated home office space. Choose the area wisely, avoid family areas and find a place in your home away from noise or distraction. The big factors in your decision should be a location with natural light and good heating/ventilation. Also try to avoid clutter and find somewhere to offer as much space as is possible. Lastly make sure the selected area receives good Wi-Fi and has access to working power points and don’t forget your printer!

An easily adaptable home office design

This is a home office which can be easily adapted anywhere in the home. The desk and chair would be a lovely designer piece addition to almost any chosen area. The storage cabinet could be used to house a home office printer and files. The Nordic design height adjustable stand can move from desk to wall making for a really cool functional feature design piece in the space while also allowing you the option to stand while working. This look can be easily replicated with the links for the products on this board provided below.

This office interior would mainly suit someone who works from home occasionally for a semi-permanent office solution or in a guest bedroom for light office work as can be seen in this 3D render below. Read on to see the sleek office look below including a height adjustable desk and an ergonomically designed office chair!

House and Garden 3D render done by our Interior architect. This is a service we can provide with our Interior design packages

House and Garden 3D aerial view showing office/guest bedroom layout

  • Source your equipment…. Have a look around, what do you already have? The major elements as you can imagine will be your chair, desk and desk lighting. One of the most important things to get right is the Chair, having a chair with good back support is not just for comfort it is important for your health. If you don’t have one at home, we would encourage you to invest in one, we have included some useful links below. Choosing a desk with the right height between the desk and chair will also have an impact on achieving the correct ergonomics. Lastly ensure you provide yourself some suitable desk or overhead lighting using a screen is already hard on your eyesight so don’t make it worse with bad lighting. You may also consider adding a screen/laptop stand, filling cabinet or tray as required but try to keep it as simple as possible.
  • Avoid the pain…. Adding books/a crate or using a stand under your desktop or laptop will hugely improve the ergonomics of your seating position and save your neck and back. At the risk of repeating a point this is also where a suitable chair is crucial. You can also buy height adjustable stands online to adjust the height of your laptop on your desk, and even offer a standing option as seen in below image! See links at end of blog for all images below.

Sleek office Moodboard

  • Make the space your own…. Adding an indoor plant or family photo to your work area helps to create a positive atmosphere. Additionally, adding a pop of colour can make the space feel more inviting. See below a  Home office designed by House and Garden where the personal touch of the artwork on the wall brings a sense of the clients personality and some colour into the space.

House and Garden office Interior Image

  • Background – Consider your background for taking client meetings over video chat. If the area you have chosen for your home office is unsuitable for this, is there an alternative quiet area in your home to have these video calls? However don’t be too self-critical, if the meeting doesn’t require a more professional background, we are all in the same boat and chances are the person you are calling are most likely working in their attic trying to get some quiet space from their kids too! For a long-term office Design we would recommend a feature wall, this is a good chance to bring in a bespoke joinery unit which could be built to incorporate a concealed filing system and display some books & accessories alternatively a panelled wall design would be an inexpensive beautiful feature piece! For some really cool ideas check out our most recent blog post on ‘Panelling and Joinery to create focal points in your home’ !
Work from Home in Style: Best Tips for Decorating your Home Office #homeoffice #homeofficedecor #interiordesign #homedecorideas

Pinterest image – Office joinery unit background feature wall

  • Only the essentials…. keep your space as decluttered as possible, if you have an office tray use it, keep the desk neat and the equipment in one place.
  • Finally, Stand Up…. Get up and walk around for a few minutes a couple of times a day. In an office setting we would be moving around more frequently so if you can even stand up to take a call it will improve your overall productivity!

Home office staging done by House and Garden

This is a stunning home office staged by House and Garden. The furniture is placed in an inviting setting for casual client meetings. The furniture used here works really well with the architecture of this space and the Sash windows create a beautiful backdrop to finish off this stunning home office.

House and Garden staging design project

Get in touch!…..

Our Designers at House and Garden can design up a home office to suit you with  an Interior design consulation  moodboard and 3D drawings if required. Get in touch with our team by emailing and we can help discuss the design process with you.

Please see links below any links provided are suggestions only and House and Garden cannot stand over the quality of products or services of company’s suggested. Purchases are made at your own risk. 

Links for products on Home Adapting office moodboard

Links for products on Sleek office look Links

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